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    I can't download the trial of Premiere Elements 11 - why not??

    Spannah10 Level 1

      Hi - I am trying to download the trial of Premiere Elements 11 (as Adobe suggested because 10 was not working properly) but am getting nowhere. I click the "download now" button and ....nothing....nada...niente!


      Help?! I can't find any evidence of the "download assistant" on my laptop (I was thinking maybe it was already there which might explain why it appeared to do nothing) but no. So I have fallen at the first hurdle.


      This is a complete nightmare - why is it so difficult?!! What am I doing wrong....or is there another way to download it?


      Help me please...and quick, as I'm supposed to be working but will have nothing to show for it at this rate.....I'll have to just get back to Prem Elements 10 will all its frozen pictures!!