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    Error displaying webpage




      I have a button that is to link to a webpage however when I test the link in the published file it displays the error “Cannot find link Make sure the path or Internet address is correct”. The link works outside of the published Flash file perfectly fine outside of the flash file.


      The code I have used for the button is:

      1. ButtonName.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, contactForm);

      function contactForm(event:MouseEvent):void


                      //navigateToURL(new URLRequest("link", "_blank"));

                      navigateToURL(new URLRequest("new URLRequest:link"));



      Any suggestions?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The url portion of that line of code does not look right....


                 navigateToURL(new URLRequest("new URLRequest:link"));


          What is "new URLRequest:link" supposed to be denoting?


          The url string portion of that line should be an actual url of some magnitude...


                 navigateToURL(new URLRequest(http://www.etc...));

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            Vicki5000 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.


            I have replaced line of code with your suggested line (inserting the link I need to open) howver it now will not even display the error message.


            navigateToURL(new URLRequest(http://www.etc...));


            The page I need it to open is on a company Intranet (same place where the published Flash file will sit) would this be an issue?



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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The forum has a habit of removing quotation marks for urls, so make sure you have them around the url.


              I cannot speak for what will happen if you are testing using the file within the intranet system, but I imagine that outside of it you are looking at a security issue.


              Try replacing it with any old public internet address (like http://www.adobe.com) just to get past this stage of testing to make sure the linking code is working.

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