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    how do I contact Adobe forms Central directly?


      Can anyone tell me how I can contact Adobe Forms centrla directly? I have had nothing but problems with it and was told they would be in touch but nothing!


      Thank you


      I'm wondering if someone on the forums can help me? I ordered the the Plus package of Adobe Forms Central and created an adobe account at the same time, once the payment went through I then logged in to Forms Central using my adobe id but I needed to verify my email address. I never received an email from them to verify the email address (despite re-sending it several times) so I clicked on a button that allowed me to enter a different email address to send the verification to. I then received it at the new email address thinking that it was all sorted but instead Adobe created a new id which only allowed me to use the free part of Forms Central. When I tried to log in using the original Adobe id the password and/or email address was incorrect (this is the id that I have paid for the Plus package and now can't use). I contacted Adobe in the chat rooms twice (once being on for over an hour!) and was told that someone would be in touch to sort it out but no-one has! So at the moment I have paid £84 for something I can't even use and Adobe seem very unable to help!!!


      If anyone can help with this I would really appreicate it - I'm thinking the only way to sort it is to contact my credit card & try and cancel the payment!


      Thank you