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    How to get Public Key hash

    Ale_Yak Level 1

      Hi everyone!


      I'm newbie in LC and ask you for help.


      I have a form with some fields (info about digital certificate) which are fills in automatically on postSign event.

      I can get IssuedTo, IssuedBy, KeyHolderName, ValidFrom(To) info but I can't get PublicKey.


      I used this script:


      var signatureOne = event.target.getField('topmostSubform[0].Page1[0].SignatureField1[0]');

      var signatureInformation = signatureOne.signatureInfo();

      var signatureCertificate = signatureInformation.certificates[0];


      IssuedTo.rawValue = String(signatureCertificate.subjectCN);

      IssuedBy.rawValue = signatureCertificate.issuerDN.o;

      KeyHolder.rawValue = String(signatureCertificate.subjectDN.sn +' '+signatureCertificate.subjectDN.givenName);


      ValidFrom.rawValue = String(signatureCertificate.validityStart);

      ValidTo.rawValue = String(signatureCertificate.validityEnd);



      PublicKey.rawValue=    - and here the problem begins.


      Any help/ideas how to get Public Key will be very-very appreciated.