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    Is there a chance to have registration form via Formscentral without javascript?

    Miss Maike



      we are using Adobe Formscentral to create a html based registration form for one of our events. The form contains some input fields and a “send” button. The input fields will be validated once the button will be pressed. We provide a link on our website so attendees can easily access the form.


      Now some attendees reported us, that they can see and edit the registration form but they are unable to send the form data due to disabled javascript in their browser. According to their company policies they are not allowed to enable javascript so they are not able to use our registration form.



      -       is there a chance to publish a html based registration form via Formscentral that do not need javascript and what does an editor have to do to perform this?

      -       If there is no chance: what are the alternatives (e. g. technically) to work around this problem?


      Thanks in advance for helping.