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    how does one remove a author of a doc


      Hello I purchased a health intake form from someone and all I want is that person to be removed as author so she isnt able to see my clients information. I paid for the form not her being on it.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          You won't be able to remove the author.


          You can "Duplicate" the form with the Responses, select the form in your "My Forms" tab and click "Duplicate", then in the dialog select "Form and Responses".  You will have to give the new form URL to people, update where you have it posted, send email with new link etc.  This new form would be owned by you and exactly like the original. 


          If you want that original author to be able to modify that new form at any time in the future you could share it with them and then remove that sharing privelage at any time.


          A few things to consider, if you have a "Free" account and the person who authored the form we are discussing has a paid account you would lose some features in that Duplicated form, if your account is also paid that would not be an issue.


          If you have someone else author a form in the future you should create a duplicate to distribute before you send out the URL and start collecting responses.


          I hope this is helpful and works for you.