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    No way to show show embedded After Effects path in CS5?

    creative io

      A seemingly simple problem that I can't find an answer to.


      I have a Premiere project that contains a number of .AVI files created in After Effects. These open the relevant AE projects when I use the 'edit original command. All well and good.


      The project panel contains the 'media file path' info which shows where the rendered avi is located, but there is no field that displays the path for the associated AE project. As there are so many of these AVIs it is impractical to open each one and note the AE project path. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any way of displaying this information in Premiere. 


      I have searched through Premiere's myriad metadata fields, but cannot locate any information relating to the files .aep path.


      If I open the file in Bridge however, right click and look at the 'file info' tab the information IS there. It's buried under 'Advanced tab \ Schema \ creator Atom:aeProjectLink (struct) \ creator Atom:fullpath:'


      Of all the guff included in the metadata info, this is actually quite important and useful information. So how can I display this field within Premiere?


      Thanks for your help!