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    Cannot upgrade Flash Player from 11.8.800.94 to 11.8.800.174


      I have Flash Player 11.8.800.64 on Windows 8 on my laptop.  I want to upgrade to 11.8.800.174 but I cannot because when I try to a screen comes up saying it is unnecessary to install. 


      I cannot watch videos because the screen is always green.  Everyone is telling me to adjust the video settings but I cannot.  THERE ARE NO VIDEO SETTINGS AVAILABLE WHEN I RIGHT CLICK.  The only settings are Privacy, Local Storage, Microphone, and Camera.  I don't know why.  In all the help videos there is another option for video but it does not exist for me when I right click.  Frustrating.


      Also, I am in Desktop mode, not Modern mode.  I watched that unhelpful video three times.


      I used to be able to watch videos fine but now I cannot watch any at all and nothing has changed.  Strange. 


      I want to upgrade but cannot.  Mainly I just want to watch videos without the green screen.