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    DNxHD MXF files and metadata woes, possible bug.

    corrie uys

      Hi there


      I have the following scenario. I work with comps in After Effects, and to reduce my final render time I render these out as I finish them, to Avid DNxHD intermediates. From time to time I have to fix or change a comp, which means I have to render it out again. This works fine in premiere, as the new file is automatically reloaded. A problem however arises when I change the length of the comp. Although the footage gets replaced, Premiere for some reason still hangs on to the original clip length. When I play the clip in a media player, if has a running time of 10s for example, but in Premiere the clip is still truncated at 8s. I can;t physically extend the clip. The clip end marker is visible at 8s. I have tried deleting the clip from the project, deleting the xmp file, and reimporting. The problem still remains the same. However, when I rename the clip and import, it displays correctly. This leads me to believe that there might be meta files somewhere that premiere still references? Where can I delete these so that premiere reads the files properly like it did the first time? This adds a tiny bit of complication to my workflow, so I would like to know how to fix this. I have hundreds of comps and I render and work in parallel, so its frustrating to try and figure out which clips aren't displaying correctly, as I might only have fixed something minute.