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    Updating star ratings using SQL


      Hello fellow Lightroomers,


      Not exactly a SDK question but - has anyone tried updating star ratings of their images in the Adobe_images table directly using SQL?


      I wrote a little webapp that takes a catalog and the preview cache directory and display a web gallery - I'd like to let people to rate the images and have the rating trickle back into the catalog.


      Studying how Lr5 updates the catalog I noticed that the following tables/columns got updated as you rate a photo:


      • Adobe_variablesTable: Adobe_entityIDCounter->type
      • Adobe_variablesTable: AgLibraryImageXMPUpdater_WorklistPending->value
      • Adobe_images: rating, sidecarStatus, touchCount and touchTime
      • AgLibraryImageXMPUpdater:


      My question is:


      If I only care about the rating in the catalog can I simply update the rating column and be happy? Will that break Lightroom in anyway?


      Also, if I would like to have the metadata written back to the JPEGs and sidecar files - how do I schedule that?


      Any comment will be appreciated!