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    Publish an InDesign file as a SCORM package

    Seshet Level 1

      What is the fastest/easiest way to take an InDesign file and publish it as a SCORM package that can be loaded to our LMS as a reference book?  I don't have/need interactions - I just want the LMS to track which users opened/viewed the file.  I need a VERY simple SCORM package.  This seems like it ought to be easy.



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          Seshet Level 1

          I don't know if you read through that entire thread before you posted it as a response to my question.  I had seen that before I posted my question.  That thread essentially says "InDesign has no native support for SCORM," which is not terribly helpful. 

          1. That post was made over a year ago, and presumably things have changed a bit.

          2. The original answers were not helpful.

          3. I was not looking necessarily for pure "native" support within InDesign.  I want to know how to take an InDesign file and somehow GET IT to a SCORM package. 


          I have access to Dreamweaver, Flash, Captivate, Acrobat, and more - I just want to know the best path / set of programs to use to go from a stastic InDesign PDF to a SCORM package. 



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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The last update came from CS6 where the functionality wasn't there - and I had no idea you had read that thread - how would I know what you read???


            As far as I know InDesign doesn't support SCORM in CC either - you presume incorrectly.


            The original answers are all we've got - perhaps you could contact the OP of the thread and ask them what their solution was?


            You can PM them or sometimes the option to email is there - if the OP allowed that in their member profile.



            Having read a little on SCORM it seems that you don't create the content, but you get a SCORM engine - and other things.


            I'm not an expert on SCORM.


            Sorry if that doesn't help.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Here's something that might help though - I had a chat with our eLearning team.


              They use Powerpoint to make the slides.


              Then use Articulate Studios (not Adobe)

              This comprises of

              • Engage
              • Quiz Maker
              • Presenter


              Presenter is a plugin for Powerpoint.


              And they export content to SCORM from the Articulate plugins available in Powerpoint.



              The other thing they use for videos is Camtasia


              And this allows SCORM export for videos.



              Hope that one helps.

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                Seshet Level 1

                I am sorry if you took offense at my response.  I tend to assume that people who post questions have already researched the forum and failed to find the answer they needed - I know I do.


                The point of my response was simply that the post you referenced did not actually answer the question, which makes it less than useful.


                Basics of how SCORM "works":

                You do create the content.  The content can be created in a number of programs and formats.  You then "wrap" that content into a SCORM package (which is really just a sort of special .ZIP file w/ some components that are read and and processed by an LMS) and upload it.


                Publishing to SCORM from Captivate or Presenter is easy because you just tell it to do so and you can choose the various relevant options (what SCORM "things" to measure / check, which version of SCORM to use etc....)  I would have expected the same to be true of InDesign, but apparently it's not.  Since there is no one-click solution, I need to know the best path to take the content from InDesign toSCORM.  I can imagine that meaning publishing to PDF or HTML and then moving to SCORM.  I cannot imagine (especially in light of the other thread you referenced) that I am the first, much less the only, person looking for this solution.  Someone out there must know the best way to do this. 


                As a note, the files I need to make SCORM compliant are rather lengthy and graphic-intensive, so just publishing to PDF and then loading those the the web (even using something like the SCORM packaging utility in the eLearning suite) is not really an option.  I need a small enough file / package that it will be a good end-user experience (high enough resolution for the images to be legible but small enough file size to prevent long wait times while items load).



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                  Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                  Actually, most people surprisingly DON'T search the Internet for an answer, they just come here and ask.


                  And Eugene did what I would have done if I were answering the question. I had a vague recollection that we had discussed the issue in recent time, and he probably did the Google search to provide that link. Often, that's all that's needed when you're trying to help with a subject you don't usually encounter.


                  Unfortunately for you, I seriously doubt that the product managers for InDesign see your workflow as one which they can afford to support in InDesign. In addition to providing features for print which has always been InDesign's forte, recent years have required a lot of engineering time supporting Digital Publishing Suite, EPUB, and other digital workflows.

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                    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Thanks for the explanation - as I couldn't find much on the internet about it.


                    Suprisingly I have never seen this question asked on all the years I've been on this forum and various other forums since about 2005.


                    I found the link using a google search - and thought it might be relevant to you to see the questions already asked and the responses given so far.


                    I have no knowledge of anyone using InDesign to produce Scorm Packages.


                    I can only give you what I know InDesign can and can't do and what I know other people to be doing.



                    For that - you'll need to export your InDesign content to different software and extract it and lay it out in a package that supports SCORM exporting.



                    The only format that I consider to be reliable in retaining the InDesign pages as they are laid out is PDF.



                    And looking online there seems to be some support with Moodle for converting PDFs to SCORM.


                    But again, I don't know if this would work for you.

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                      peter minneapolis Level 4

                      Have you looked into Adobe's Technical Communications Suite?


                      You may useful information with a Google search for terms like "adobe elearning suite scorm packager," or "acobe technical communications suite tcs scorm," without quotes.











                      Peter Gold

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                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        Can't help with much of this but I can give a thumbs up to Camtasia.