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    Paragraph style changed

    Terry Leiter Level 1

      I hope I can make myself clear on this.


      I converted a PDF document into an Indesign document with my recosoft software


      I am using Indesign cc by the way.


      I then created some paragraph styles to format the text.


      I was rolling along converting text to my paragraph styles, when all of a sudden I noticed that the text I have not yet assigned to a paragraph style suddenly became underlined and when I assign a paragraph style to it the underline text is still there and the Paragraph style does not show an override symbol.


      How do I get this underline feature to go away?


      I apologize if I am not clear.


      Thanks Terry.

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          gert verrept Level 2

          Do you see a char style with the underline settings? If you don't need the underline in the whole text, select all the text (crtl-A), underline all (crtl-shft U), then (ctrl-shift U) again. All the underlining should be gone.

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            Terry Leiter Level 1

            Thanks Gert for Replying.

            There is no character style that I can see applied.

            I have also tried selecting all of the text and underlining it, and taking the underline aspect away, but this does nothing to change the underline problem.

            I agree that it seems like somekind of character style is applied somehow but for the life of me, I cannot find it.


            Thanks for replying though.


            I would like to add that this problem started half way through my document conversion.


            I have retyped some of the text applying the paragraph style and the underline problem went away. The text furthur in the paragraph that I did not retype applying the same paragraph style has the underline problem. It is not an option to retype the entire document.


            Hope this helps jog the memory of someone.


            Thank You.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Could also be a nested or GREP style as part of a paragraph style, but that would require that a character style including an underline is actually defined.

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                gert verrept Level 2

                What you could try too, export the doc as a rtf file, then import it again. Or, open the rtf first in Word, make a change somewhere, save the doc and import it again (use place, not copy - paste), maybe even in a new doc without any styles, except the basic para style (is this style still ok? no underline option clicked).

                If the underline shows up in Word, then it's somewhere in CC's styles or font, causing the problem. Last resort, export as plaint text (.txt) and see if the underline is still visible. Place again and see what happens.

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                  Terry Leiter Level 1

                  Thank You Gert. I will try this.

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                    Terry Leiter Level 1

                    Which their isn’t a character style defined.