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    Importing Prem Elements 11 projects

    TVPOA Chan3 Level 1

      We have about a dozen Prem Elements 11 projects that we would like to use with PP CC.

      The help file from PP said to open the PE 11 project in PP.

      That brought up a dialog box that asked whether we wanted to continue with the conversion, which we did.

      That did create a new PP project.  However the new project seems to be completely blank. None of the source files used PE11 are shown in the the new PP project, there is no sequence shown nor anything on the time line.


      Did we do something wrong? Or was our expectation too high?


      Thanks for any Help!

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think that is a mistake in the Help.

          How did you open E11 project.

          I cannot find .prel supported in the import dialog box.

          I can import by dragging from Windows Explorer but the project is incomplete as you are experiencing.

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            petergaraway Adobe Employee

            This is not a supported feature in Premiere Pro CC.


            Sorry for any inconvenience.


            Peter Garaway


            Premiere Pro

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              TVPOA Chan3 Level 1

              It was not the answer I was hoping for< but thanks anyway!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                It appears that PrPro CC does not support the Opening, or Importing of the PREL files, per Peter's response.


                In previous versions of PrPro, it could Open, or Import PREL's, with some caveats:


                The version of PrE, used to create the PREL, and the version of PrPro needed to be somewhat contemporary.

                Many features of PrE, such as Themes/Instant Movies did not exist in PrPro, so those could cause major issues.

                PrE has some 3rd party Transitions and Effects, that did not exist in PrPro, so again, there could be issues.


                Thanks for asking the question, as I learned something about PrPro CC and PREL files.


                One possible workaround (depends on what you have, and what is required), would be to edit in PrE (it helps to have the version, that created the PREL(s), and either edit it very loosely, leaving adequate Handles, not adding Transitions, etc., then Exporting (Share/Publish+Share) from PrE into an intermediate file, to be Imported into PrPro CC for final editing. Another take on that would be to do the Export, but to edit very tightly - knowing that you cannot do a lot of editing later. Were I faced with the prospect, I would go for a very loose edit, then Export the intermediate, to be finished in PrPro CC. Might not be viable, depending on your access to PrE now.


                Good luck,