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    Getting started.

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      I am just getting started with Flex 2 and Flex Builder 3 Beta.

      Is there a good place like "Flex Builder For REAL Dumbies"?

      I have been able to get thru the Wizards to get some basic projects running. However, when I try to start from scratch and do File > New > Project, I get to the second page "Configure ColdFusion Server" go with "Deployed to J2EE server" (which is not quit right since I am using IIS but neither is Standalone)
      Web root: C:\inetpub\wwwroot
      Root URL:
      Context root: blank

      ColdFusion WAR folder: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot (I copied WEB-INF folder here)
      Output folder: bin-debug

      When I hit "Validate Configuration" I get "The output folder is not a subfolder of the server root."
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          I may not be able to help, but which web server you're using doesn't seem to matter. Have you tried leaving those fields blank? I'm using FB for Linux which I think is based on FB3. When I create a new project there's a drop down for Server Technology and I leave that on none. It has selections for ASP, PHP, etc. As long as the end user has the flash plugin installed in their browser, your swf should run. Once I compile, I cp necessary files to a subdirectory in my apache webroot. I've got the O'Reily Flex 2 book which is useful and the Adobe Professional Flex 2 book which has a lot of good explanation but rarely answers my questions.


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