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    no audio in presenter


      no audio in presenter

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Can you be more descriptive? Where in Presenter are you not having audio? After recording, importing or editing audio? When previewing? After publishing?

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            I have placed quite a few Adobe presentations on our web site for training purposes.  We receive call from people with Apple products that they cannot hear the audio.  Is there a solution for this?

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              I was actually searching for any information on this issue. A department in our company created a number of eLearning courses using the previous version of Presenter. These have functioned on our LMS for some time without issues. Now, Mac users are reporting an issue with the audio that is strange.


              I tried using a Mac to access the course material. It has OSX 10.7.5 and Safari 6.0.5.  When starting the presentation, first there was no audio on the slides. The player bar at the bottom of the slides even says No Audio.  I then exited the presentation back to the main menu and then chose the presentation again and the audio worked.  This appears to only be an issue with courses that were created with the previous version of Presenter. 


              Do you know what might be causing this issue?



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                Sarapage0 Level 1

                I've been searching and have found no solution.  I've read your solution at other sites.  It's terribly frustrating and poor customer service on our part because our volunteers cannot receive the training.  If you ever hear anything else, I'd love to know.  Good luck!  I'll tell volunteers about your experience in exiting and re-entering the presentation.

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                  JoDiver13 Level 1



                  Thanks for your response. As I mentioned, the presentations we are having issues with were created and published in the previous version of Presenter (we don't have any that were created in the new version).  Can you please confirm which version your presentations were created in?  If they were also created in the old version, I thought I might download the trial version of Presenter 7 and try republishing one section to see if that resolves the issue. If your presentations were already created in version 7 and they don't work, then I would probably be wasting my time.


                  The LMS we work with defintely say this is nothing on their end. If we eliminate Adobe Presenter by knowing if this occurrs with presentations published from both the previous version and version 7, then it must be a Mac issue.


                  If you could confirm which version of Presenter you used, that would be helpful.





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                    Sarapage0 Level 1

                    I’m using Adobe Acrobat 8




                    Dr. Sarapage McCorkle

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                      flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)



                      What version of Presenter are you using? Presenter 6.2? I recall some Mac playback issues from versions 6.2 and 7.0.6 but that was a while ago. If you download a trial version of Presenter, it will be version 9.


                      In looking around for some discussions around the Mac playback issue here are some threads I dug up:


                      Version 7.0.6: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4034470#4034470


                      One report of version 9: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5652227#5652227


                      I recall that the reloading of the presentation usually works, but you may have them try a different browser, as it may also be in how Safari loads the Flash content (the 6.1 update changed the sandbox rules for Flash content). Though it looks like you aren't up against the Safari issue, this workflow may be worth testing: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/removing-sandbox-restrictions-your-safari.html

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                        Nealf21 Level 1

                        I have had this issue with both Windows and Mac OS when publishing Presenter to an online LMS. So I always assumed it was the LMS, but I never knew.


                        Sorry, but I never found a solution. However, the workaround is simple. I instruct students to refresh their browser if they hear no audio or see the No Audio at the bottom in the presentation. It only takes a second or two and the audio comes in.

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                          Sarapage0 Level 1

                          That’s what I’ll  tell our volunteers.  Hope to report back good news;




                          Dr. Sarapage McCorkle

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                            JoDiver13 Level 1



                            I had previously been using OSX 10.7.5 and Safari 6.0.5. I upgraded my Mac to OS 10.9 and Safari 7 and the audio now plays correctly.  So, in our case we will advise students to do the same. Otherwise, they still have the choice of refreshing the presentation and then it will work OK.





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                              Sarapage0 Level 1

                              Thanks for all this info, JoDiver13!  I’m going to recommend this to our users.




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                                Nealf21 Level 1

                                FYI, Mac OS 10.8 still has this glitch with a variety of browsers.  However, I have found that it only happens once with a series of presentations. That is, after refreshing the browser once, the audio comes back for all presentations played afterward (until the browsers is closed again).


                                I just checked Mac OS 10.9 with Chrome and the glitch was gone on my first try. Nevertheless, I am hesitant to recommend upgrading to 10.9 just for this small glitch because the new Mavericks OS may cause other problems. Of course, if they are ready to upgrade to OS 10.9 that is a different story.