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    ColdFusion 10 developer version (Tomcat) - CFM welcome files won't load automatically


      I'm pretty new to ColdFusion, and I'm reverse engineering a site for some folks to figure out how to make some minor changes to it. First order of business is to get a functional local development environment so I can test changes rapidly as I move through the learning process. To this end, I installed CF10 as a developer version on my Windows 7 x64 workstation. I installed it as "built-in" (Tomcat) installation (no IIS), as vanilla as I can get in hopes that would be the simplest way to get going.


      I have a copy of the website on my machine locally, and I've put all of the files and folders for it in the "wwwroot" folder. I have no need for multiple instances, or Wheels or any of the extensions, so none of that is set up. the installation is about as "stock" as it can be.


      I can browse to the admin page of the website and it loads perfectly. However, once I choose an option and click "Submit", it redirects to a directory-only URL (like "localhost:8500/admin/membership/" using CFLOCATION. here's where the problem appears: the redirect fails to load the "index.cfm" welcome file and gives an Apache Tomcat 404 error of "resource not available". If I browse to the .CFM file directly, it loads, so I know the page is available, I just don't know why the built-in server isn't serving it automatically. The code is pretty simple and isn't passing any parameters with the URL; it's simply a redirect.


      I've searched and searched and rapidly get lost in all the "URL rewrite" vs. "virtual hosts" vs. "404 error handlers" vs. "OnMissingTemplate()" approaches, not to mention IIS and Railo and JRUN and all the other possible combinations of server setups...none of which do anything to solve this problem. I'd appreciate some ideas as to what direction to take to resolve this issue, as it's making it impossible for me to do any testing on this site.