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    Read/write XMP Metadata

    edgriffiths Level 1
      can anyone advise on how to read and write XMP metadata using the version of iText that ships with CF8?

      we've successfully written XMP metadata into a PDF (see attached proof-of-concept code bolted together from a couple of sources), but this metadata doesn't display within Acrobat Pro 7's File Properties - Additional Metadata and also doesn't appear to be readable using iText's PDFReader class to read the same file (via PdfReader.getMetadata()).

      we've compared the raw file output between a CF-generated iText-created PDF and a PDF containing readable metadata created with another app. the CF iText PDF is adding XMP header/footer XML to the RDF packet towards the tail of the PDF stream, and is not adding RDF metadata to the head of the PDF file.

      we've also tried creating our own XMPSchema with our custom namespace, but get an instantiation error when trying to create the new XMPSchema.