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    Dragging clips to bins is very slow in Premiere CS6


      I just upgraded to Premiere CS6 from CS 5.5 (no thank you, CC) and have problems with very slow speed when dragging clips from one bin to another in the Project panel. Here are the specifics:


      I have about 1500 clips in a bin that I'm sorting through in the Project panel, putting clips into other bins as I classify them. If I have the 1500 clips sorted by the Name field, there's no delay as I move a clip or clips from the big bin to one of the smaller bins. If, however, I sort the 1500 clips by Media File Path in the Project panel (which puts the clips in chronological order because the file names reflect date and time), then doing the same work results in an 8-second delay every time I try to move a clip between bins.


      I get the 8-second delay each and every time I drag a clip between bins. It occurs whether I select a single clip to drag or drag multiple clips. As soon as I sort in the panel by Name field instead of the Media File Path field, dragging has no delay.


      I have no such trouble with delays in CS5.5, so I'm at a loss. I need to have the bin sorted by Media File Path, because I need them in chronological order as I evaluate them. But an 8-second delay each time I move a clip bogs me down so much it's impractical to get any sorting done.


      I suspect this is a bug. I've upgraded to CS6.05, but that didn't fix it. Does anyone have a workaround?




      Mike Boom