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    Motion Menue transcoded in Encore is jittering even if framerate is correct


      Dear users,


      do you experience the same? I have a motion menue encoded in Encore and burnt onto Bluray. I used a quicktime 23.976p file on import as all footage is in 23.976fps as well. Fusion automatically transcoded the file to an m2ts. When I play the Bluray on a hardware player, the motion menue seems to jitter (judder). I check the corresponding m2ts-file in after effects and I see that the framerate seems to be correct, 23.976, but on some frames the video doesn't move, but repeats a frame. How can this be? When source files have all the same framerate?


      I am using Encore 5.0 on Windows 7 64bit.


      Is this a bug?


      Thank you  much.