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    Document Size, Trim Size, Image Size


      I have InDesign CS6 and I cannot figure out how to change the document size, trim size, and image size on a documnet I have been working on. (It is a 52 page document if that makes a difference).


      Thank you!!

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          iam01printer Level 1

          file - document set up - and you can change the size and set the bleeds, as far as the image size, you will have to resize them on each page as far as I know.

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            jochens5907408 Level 1

            Dear iam01printer,

            I want to set the size (or editable frame) of the document, to be created by my Plug-In, using the SDKLayoutHelper-Class, eighter before document creation, ore directly afterwards.

            May you give me a hint, how to solve that problem?


            Kind regards

            Jochen Seliger

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              Bo LeBeau Level 4

              In the InDesign SKF forum, (that you previously posted to) there is an announcement, part of which is below:


              To use the InDesign SDK effectively, you must have the InDesign debug version installed. The InDesign debug can be accessed through the Adobe partner programs. You can sign up to one of the partner programs using the partner portal. Here's a link to the Solution Partner landing page. Here's a link to the Enterprise Developer Program page.


              The Solution Partner program has been replaced by the Adobe Technology Partner program. Joining the Technology Partner program is by invitation only. You'll need an Adobe contact to recommmend you for the program. If you are not an enterprise developer and feel you should be eligable, you can send a private message to Harbs. I'm not an employee, but I'll be happy to pass your information on to someone who can help.


              Have you tried contacting Harbs about the Adobe Technology Partner program?

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                jochens5907408 Level 1

                Hi Bo,

                thanks for your contact.

                I've send my request to Harbs.

                But anyway, if you forward my mail to someone, who may help, will be greate



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                  Bo LeBeau Level 4



                  Like the vast majority of people using these forums, I am just an InDesign user like yourself.

                  The only people that actually work for Adobe have a STAFF badge next to their name.


                  This is NOT Adobe support, Adobe support do not even monitor these forums.

                  Even Harbs, who has ACP (Adobe Community Professional) & MVP  next to his name is still just a unpaid volunteer.

                  Harbs is you best bet, but he can only pass your information to someone at Adobe and hope that they contact you about your request.


                  Viel Glück!