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    Image Analysis in Photoshop CC, 32-bits


      Dear all,


      I recently switched from Photoshop CS6 to Photoshop Creative Cloud. Whereas in the CS6 version, I could not count the number of pixels in a selection (I was not using the Extended version), I was happy to read that this split was removed and this function is available in Photoshop CC. Or, should be available. As it happens, when I go to Image -> Analysis, all options (except for Ruler Tool) are greyed out. This is the case when no document is opened, when a document with multiple layers is opened, or when a simple single-layer document is opened. The software is up to date (accoding to the Application Manager).


      Has anyone seen this problem before? Does anyone know how to fix it? Can it be a limitation of the 32-bits version, and should I switch to a 64-bit version? (The latter would mean re-installing my entire PC, so I haven't tried it yet and would rather not do so unless the result is guaranteed.)


      Thanks for all answers, tips and help,