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    Transparency set as overlay won't show in .pdf

    ceilr Level 1

      First of all, I'm not completely sure that this question isn't really for Adobe Acrobat.  Also, I am using CS5 with Windows 7.


      I have drawn grey lines to cross out text in my book.  The 100% lines were too dense for the characters to show through, so I went to Object\Effects\Transparency, set the transparency at 75% on Overlay.  None of this came through on the .pdf I am now checking before I make a final .pdf that will go to press.  The .pdf was generated via Ctrl-E as a high-quality print doc.


      The grayscale is at 35%, and when I bumped it up to 50%, none of the lines showed up this way, either.  My grayscales are really a form of black, too, as I did a Separations preview.


      My book has two layers, and both are active.  And in the Print dialog box has a check mark at "Print non-printing objects."


      I am really sad that these somewhat transparent lines won't show!  Any ideas as to what I can do to make them happen?  I do have a Plan B without them, but I'd really like them in there if it's possible.


      Sigh....and I wanted to submit the book files today......  Well, I'll keep going on my final review and hope to hear from someone soon.