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    Expansion of unicode font support


      I currently use Formscentral forms for applied voice lessons.  Because of issues of operating system compatibility issues in the entering of IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) characters that ARE supported in most unicode font sets, I felt that a web form would be the best solution.  I love the web forms that I can create in FormsCentral, BUT I have discovered that there are some very necessary characters that are unsupported in the current version of unicode used by this website.  The following symbols are unsupported: ɑ̃, ɛ̃, ɔ̃, and œ̃ (ALL of the symbols for nasal vowels found in the French language).  Since my students can't enter these symbols, they can't accurately represent their work.  Needless to say, this is a necessity for me to continue using FormsCentral.  With all of the fonts that Adobe owns, why are we so limited within FormsCentral? (especially with what I am paying for a subscription..)


      Please help!




      Dr. Brian Kuhnert