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    Mapping Objects in Flex Data Services

      Hi My Dear Friends
      This is yogans, i am working in flex for the last 15 days and i learned the basic things like syntax, tags, scripts. and i am doing
      some data services work now. especially with the help of Java Remote objects. I dont know http services and webservices(WSDL).
      My doubt here is, I created a user defined object in java and i want to send this object through Remote call from flex. how can i
      type cast the java object to flex. And i want to add these objects to the dataprovider of a datagrid. Please help me in acheiving
      this. i will be very thank ful to you in my life. I know that i have to create same kind of object in flex. But i dont have concrete idea

      please explain me with very simple example step by step . I am awaiting in hope that God will send some one to help me.

      Thanks and Regards
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          If you want to map your actionscript class to your server's Java class. You can run a util function
          where "dev.echoservice.Book" is the fully qualify name of your java class. Book is your actionscript class.
          Calling this util before you make your remoteobject call. You can put this in your actionscript class constructor, it makes this call whenever you create your class. However, it seems to be better to call it when the class is loaded. To do so you can declare it as static
          public static var a:* = registerClassAlias("dev.echoservice.Book",Book);

          You can also declare it as metaData in your class as:

          However, I found someone saying that it didn't work in sdk compilation, but webtier compilation. It might be some configuration issue. I haven't tried it yet.
          To display the properties in the dataGrid, you just have to either use Array or ArrayCollection. If databinding is involved, the datagrid need to know the Collection.Change event. It is better to use ArrayCollection, therefore, adding new item to arrayCollection the datagrid get repopulate.

          hope it helps!

          William Chan