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    How can I use the specific camera's audios in Multicam?


      Hello, I am fairly new to PremPro and I am trying to put together a multicam piece.

      The piece is me and my friend playing a game, he recorded his screen and game audio and I did the same.


      Camera1 - My Angle & Audio

      Camera2 - My friends Angle & Audio


      The main issue im having is that I cant get the audio for the specific angle to play ONLY when that angle is up.

      I tried a few ways but I couldn't get it.


      EG. This is without changing any settings, just making the multicam sequence then switching angles in multicam window.

      My angle is up and I hear my audio, when I switch to my friends angle, I can only here my audio and not his.


      EG. This is enabling the sound on both videos before adding to new sequence.

      When any angle is up I hear both audios.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.