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    Can't open project from RH for HTML

      I want to work in my RH for HTML Project, but everytime I would want to open it, the software starts jamming. I tried to shut down computer and restart and it didn't fix the problem.

      Can somebody help me with this problem?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Last time I respond unless you are more precise.

          "The software starts jamming"

          Nothing happens when you click the program on the start menu?

          RH opens but will not then open your project?

          It opens your project but you cannot work on it?

          It does or does not display any error messages?

          Who installed RH? Was it done with your logon and with admin rights attached?

          Clear answers please.

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            aviationintertec1 Level 1
            RH opens but will not open the project. It does not display any error messages. It was installed with admin rights.
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              lmarden Level 2
              Has anything changed on your system since the last time you were able to open your project?
              Try one more time, and keep an eye to the lower left corner of the RH window - watch to see if any progress messages appear. Try to see what the last message is before everything stops. Might give you a clue.
              Have you been moving topics and folders around in the project? (Or even moving stuff for the project around in Windows Explorer instead of directly in the project)?? I am leaning towards a corrupt .cpd file - it's often the culprit with startup issues. But there is usually an error message. In any case, Peter can post the link to fixing a hosed CPD file for you. It's relatively painless.

              By the way - how often do you back up your projects? Have you tried opening a backup?

              Off to a meeting - good luck.
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                I know this is an old topic but I experienced this problem today.

                I was opening the project by selecting it in Windows Explorer (as I usually do).
                RoboHelp for HTML opened and displayed the Starter pane as full screen in the RoboHelp window rather than opening up my project environment. If I clicked on anything the whole screen just went white and the title bar showed it as not responding. No errors were being reported.

                I renamed my cpd file then opened the project successfully using the method desribed previously.
                Just thought I'd let you know what worked for me just in case anyone else is looking for a possible answer to this problem.