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    Export a PDF with Imposition and wraparound


      Hi everybody,


      I'm a relative newbie here, and I apologize for that.  I'm looking for some help in CS5 with imposition.




      I created a 28 page booklet, 8.5x11, for a client that has 28 pages.   Same booklet as last year.  However, this year, the client - to save money - wants to print on tabloid paper.  So an 8.5x11 format needs to convert to 17x11.


      The printer they have chosen wants the inDesign document as a PDF.


      Two unique problems:  one, how do I export to PDF a document that allows for imposition.  And two, the front and back cover are wraparound (a single image). 


      Or, more concisely, how do I format this correctly?  And can it be done in a single file?  Or would a second file be required to handle the wraparound of 1 and 28?