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    I need a few beta testers

    Steven L. Gotz Level 5

      I have the title creation macro working.


      This macro is run from a Microsoft Word document. I wrote it on Office 2003 but it should work on newer versions. It runs on 2003 because I have the compatibility pack.


      Here is how it works:


      You create a title in Premiere Pro using the font and positioning that you want to use. Get it just right. (One line of text only though.)


      Change the text of the title to "xyz" without the quotes.


      Export the title as a title. (*.prtl)


      Open the MS Word document and either type in the text you want to use or paste it in from another document.


      I limited it to 9999 titles but I doubt that will inconvenience anyone. (I actually only tested it to 9990). That many titles takes quite a while though. (55 minutes) Heck, it takes quite a while to import that many into Premiere Pro for that matter.


      Once you have the text in place (make sure that there isn't a blank line at the end or you will get an empty title), you just double-click where it says to double-click.


      It will ask you which is the master file you want to make copies of. Then it will ask you for the file name and location you want to use for the copies. It will append the numbers 0001 through 9999


      Then it proceeds to make your copies using each line of text for a new title.


      When it is finished, just import the titles into Premiere Pro and drag drop to the timeline. Or automate to sequence.


      Deceptively simple. I didn't write much of the code. I understand it, but only after studying what was kindly given to me by a master VBA guy on a VBA forum. Kind of like if you were a newbie around here and Jim Simon or Ann Bens offered to edit your video for you after you asked a question. It was phenomenal. Although it might have been more like what I did for the people I created intros for. Not sure just how much effort he had to put into it. But it sure works great and the code is simple, and clean.


      OK? So now I need a few beta testers before I just throw it out there to the world of Premiere Pro users. If you would like to take it for a test drive, let me know in this thread.


      If you are concerned about letting a macro run on your system, prevent it from running and just read the text from the Visual Basic Editor yourself. You will see that it doesn't do anything sinister.Then allow it the next time.


      Just do me one favor. If you change the code to make it better, please share it with everyone.




      Steven Gotz