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    Documentation differences between LR 4 and 5 SDKs

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      Here's what the Readme says:


      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------

           For this release (5.0) the SDK highlights the following:


      1. Create Floating Windows: With the addition of LrDialogs.presentFloatingDialog(...)

                SDK developers are now able to create separate, floating, non-modal windows that

                allow more robust interactions between the plug-in and Lightroom.

      2.          Access Smart Previews: Smart Previews can be built and deleted via

                photo:buildSmartPreview() and photo:deleteSmartPreview() respectively.  In addition,

                SDK developers can access the Smart Preview path on disk and file size via


      3.          Create Virtual Copies: Virtual copies for one or more images can now be created via


      4.          Retrieve Smart Collection Search Descriptions: The search description for a Smart

                Collection can now be accessed via collection:getSearchDescription()

      5.          Create Bezel Overlays: LrDialogs.showBezel(...) will show a message in a window that

                will display and fade away after a short duration.

      6.          Request Jpeg Previews: LrPhoto:requestJpegThumbnail(...) retrieves a  jpeg preview

                of the photo of the requested size

      7.          Key Bug Fixes and JDI’s:

                -          LrView:catalog_photo(...)’s "photo" argument can now be set to "nil" in

                          order to specify no photo is to be displayed

                -          LrCatalog:getActiveSources(...) now returns defined constants for special

                          sources (e.g. "All Photographs", "Previous Import", etc.)

                -          LR_LiveName propery now available to smart collections

                -          Horizontal and Vertical scrollbars can now be disabled on a


                -          LrView:simple_list now properly supports enabled and visible properties

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------


      I can't determine what is meant by "LR_LiveName property now available to smart collections".


      I did a "diff" between the documentation for LR 4 SDK and LR 5 SDK.  Here's what I found:



      catalog:buildSmartPreviews() [new]

      catalog:createVirtualCopies() [new]

      catalog:findPhotos() [can’t determine the exact difference]

      catalog:getActiveSources() [corrected documentation]



      collection:getSearchDescription() [new]



      LrDialogs.presentFloatingDialog() [new]

      LrDialogs.showBezel() [new]



      LrHttp.post() [corrected documentation]

      LrHttp.postMultipart() [new parameter, suppressFormData]



      photo:buildSmartPreview() [new]

      photo:deleteSmartPreview() [new]

      photo:getRawMetadata() [new key “smartPreviewInfo”]

      photo:requestJpegThumbnail() [new]

      photo:setRawMetadata () [can’t determine the exact difference]



      pubCollection:getSearchDescription() [new]



      LrTasks.execute() [explanation of Mac OS sandbox restrictions]



      [explanation that a factory object can only be used in one place at a time]

      viewFactory:catalog_photo() [can’t determine the exact difference]

      viewFactory:scrolled_view() [new parameters background_color, horizontal_scroller, vertical_scroller]