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    A couple of questions???

    Nohjekim Level 1



      First question, how do I import frames of a video into Premiere Elements 10?

      I've done it before, but I don't remember how?  I'm 75, LOL, I don't remember what I had for dinner.


      Second question, I've been importing animated characters done in Poser on a green screen background into PE 10, and placing them in video taken from computer games.


      It's simple, it asks me if I want to drop the background and I say yes.


      But I have an animated title (it's a script that spells out "Lucy".


      I want to import the animated script as type on a transparent background, so it will appear over video I have of shadows from trees moving on a stone wall.


      I took the Lucy script video I have that is on a black background and tried to import it but it doesn't ask me if I want to drop the background color.

      So I took 15 of the frames and changed the background from black to green and imported them.


      They didn't import as video hence the first question, but it also doesn't as if I want to drop the background color when I try and drag the frames into the time line.


      So I guess my real question is how do I accomplish what I want, which is to have the Lucy script write itself on the screen, just plain white type, over the video of the wall with moving shadows, just as it did on the black background?


      http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/nohjekim/media/Lucy%20Shorts/LucyTestVideo_zps42195f3b.m p4.html


      Thanks for the help.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What format and codec is the video you're outputting from Poser? Open the video in Media Info and G Spot and list the format, resolution, frame rate and codec in your next post.


          Most likely Poser is not outputting a standard format video. If this is the case, you won't get a good, clean Chroma Key effect.


          Or are you saying your outputting from Poser as still frames or a filmstrip? Once we know, we can better help you come up with a workflow.

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            Nohjekim Level 1

            Hi Steve


            I don't have a problem with the footage from Poser, that works fine.

            Here's a test file....


            http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/nohjekim/media/Images%20for%20Tech%20Forums/LucyLooksatL ifeN01_zpse894a602.mp4.html


            In the sample Lucy has been chroma keyed into the video footage of the waterfall.


            What I want to do is knock out the background behind the title type, (the Lucy animation and the  Looks at Life, animation.

            In my new video I want the title to appear over footage of the shadows from moving tree branches on a wall.


            The title video you see in the sample was created in Photoshop and imported into Premiere Elements as frames.

            I then output it as an .avi file from PE, and have used it over and over.


            I have it in both formats, frames and as an .ave file.


            I don't know how to get PE to knock out the background behind the type.


            I hope I'm making it clearer.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              That's some very interesting animation, Mike! Thanks for sharing it.


              Are you saying you want the opening and closing titles show show over an animated background?


              Are they on a video track above the video you'd like to use for your background?


              If so, you can remove the black and make it transparent simply by right-clicking on the title on your timeline and selecting Apply Videomerge. Then open Applied Effects and set the Videomerge key color to black.


              Or is your title now a filmstrip rather than a video? If that's the case, you may want to open a separate project, add your title filmstrip to the timeline and output that as a video so that the animated title you use in your final project is a video rather than a series of stills.


              Is that what you're trying to do?

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                Nohjekim Level 1



                Yes that's what I'm trying to do, the Lucy Looks at Life intro, is two avi files, I fade in the Looks at Life part with a cross fade to make it appear after the Lucy script comes on.


                I have the background in Video 1, and the title above it in Video 3, I'll go and try what you suggested.



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                  Nohjekim Level 1

                  Hi agian


                  Ok we are getting close, the only problem is that it's making the type transparent instead of the background.

                  I selected black as the color, but it's still effecting the white areas not the black?


                  Here's the screen shot...


                  Lucy Script Test 2.JPG


                  What next?



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Until proven otherwise, I do not believe that Videomerge is for you in this specific case.


                    Please take a look at ChromaKey for this task, with attention to adjusts for all options under Applied Effects/Applied Effects Palette/ChromaKey panel expanded with special attention to the options of Threshold and Cutoff.


                    I download the screenshot that you posted and have gotten this to work with .jpg and .png file; whereas I am not having a success with Videomerge for the same task.


                    Also, in future projects I would try to maintain the transparency of the original either by importing a file with transparency as .png or .psd or exporting a Timeline with tranparency by a known route that supports maintainance of transparency. More on that later if interested.



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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      I'm not sure why this is happening, Mike. But I do notice that you have Videomerge applied twice to this clip.


                      Remove the second one from Applied Effects and see if that makes a difference.

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                        Nohjekim Level 1

                        I started over and did it from scratch again.


                        I opened a new job, this time I only imported a still image of the Lucy script, I placed the video footage behind it in Video 1, and appied Video Merge.


                        I got the same results, when I applied it the White Lucy script was knocked out, but the black background remained.


                        When I selected Black as the background color in the videomerge dialog the White areas became opaque as well.


                        Here's the screen shot...


                        PE Test.JPG


                        I really want to get this to work, but I'm not sure what's going on.

                        I thought this would be a snap, I've had such good luck importing the character animations from Poser, I didn't think that doing the titles would be harder.


                        What I don't get is why does it treat the titles different then the content imported from Poser?

                        By the way I've imported the footage from Poser in both .avi and .wmv format and both work fine.



                        I'd still like to know how to import frames as video, I think I did this in an earlier version of PE, but I can't seem to find anything describing the process.

                        if I can I'll remake the Lucy Script video and see if that helps.


                        I suppose that I could import all 90 files and set each one to one frame but I don't think I had to do that before.



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                          Nohjekim Level 1

                          Sorry Romano, I missed the message about Chroma Key, I'll check that out.

                          That's how I'm importing the characters, but when I import them it always asks me, Do you want to drop the background, it's not doing that with the titles.


                          I'll go back and look at it again.


                          As far as importing the file as a Png image the title is really in .avi format as a video file not a still image.


                          I'm not sure if I could create the video footage with no background to start with?


                          Like I said I thought that I created the file in Premier Elements to begin with, if I could remember how I did it, I might be able the import .png files instead of .jpgs to start with.

                          I can make the background transparent in Photoshop.


                          Do you think this would work?



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            As a test, I would try two workflows:


                            In Photoshop, create the title, as an Image with a Transparent Background, and white Type. Save_As a PSD, and Import that into PrE, placing it onto a Video Track above the Poser Video.


                            Second test, instead of using Ps to create that Image, just use PrE's Titler to do the Title, placing it above the Video on the Timeline.


                            If you require animation of that/those Title(s), apply those via Keyframing an Effect, say Opacity for a Fade-in/Fade-out.


                            I would leave Video Merge, and any Keying out of those tests.


                            Good luck,




                            PS - Glad to see that Lucy is still around - I like learning of her take on "life."

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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              Thanks for the follow up.


                              From my test, the Chroma Key will work for you with that particular Lucy title whose screenshot you posted.


                              Again, the answer is in the Chroma Key settings in the Chroma Key Panel.


                              I have adopted the routine of ignoring Videomerge as a choice from Effects and/or from those persistent Videomerge messages when it believes that it has detected a solid background.


                              More later.



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                                Nohjekim Level 1

                                Hi Guys


                                I've had some luck.


                                What I did is import the frames with transparent backgrounds as .psd files.


                                Here's a sample...


                                http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/nohjekim/media/Render%20Time%20Tests/LucyTransTest_zpsfd 912905.mp4.html


                                All I did here was fade the type from white to blue, but it works.


                                Now what I need to know is, is there a way to import the 90 files that make up the animation as single frames?

                                This is the only part of the titles that need all this work, once the Lucy script writes itself on the screen the rest of the titles can just fade in.

                                That part's not a problem.


                                If I can't import the images as frames, I will have to import each one, which comes in as a 5 second clip, edit it to one frame and then add the next one and so on, until I have all of the frames in place.


                                I don't know it I could then save the video as a video file of any kind and have it maintain the transparent background but I could save a PE file with the animation in place and pick it up each time to start the next video.


                                I'm still going to try the chroma key and see if I can do it that way from the exsisting animation file that I already have.



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                                  Nohjekim Level 1

                                  I may have found the answer...


                                  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WS09e4b3c48f3a79fc19b622510385d4355c-7f a1.html


                                  I'm going to try this, it will take a while to convert all the frames to having a blank background but I think this will work.



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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    If you number your PSD's sequentially, say "Lucy_Text 001.PSD," through "Lucy_Text 099.PSD," you should then be able to Import those as a Numbered Sequence. That will create a Video made up of those PSD's, with a 1-Frame Duration. If you want the final one to be on-screen longer (assume that you will), then just Import that 099.PSD directly, and use it at the end of the Numbered Sequence Video, extending its Duration to what you desire. Basically, you are using that one as a "Freeze Frame."


                                    Good luck,



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                                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                                      Depends what you want to do, but here are some thoughts....


                                      If you have 90 files and you want each with a one frame duration (0.033 sec/30 frames per second system); 0.040 sec/25 frames per second system), then


                                      put them in sequence in a folder on the hard drive, import the folder into Premiere Elements, drag the folder to the Timeline to get the 90 files there, Edit Menu/Select All, Time Stretch and change duration from 00;00;05;00 to 00;00;00;01). That will get your 90 files each with 1 frame duration on that Timeline.


                                      You might think about the Numbered Stills drill where you would get your 90 files automatically sized to 1 frame and placed on the Timeline, but as a video with 90 frames, each frame representing one of your files.


                                      I have Premiere Elements/Time Lapse blog posts for each of these approaches if you need further details.


                                      Please let us know if any of the above targeted what you seek.





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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        I did not see your latest post and that of Hunt until I had submitted my latest post.


                                        Please check out the details that I had posted and those in my blog posts to see if it all comes together for you.







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                                          Nohjekim Level 1

                                          Whoo Hooo!


                                          I got it!


                                          What I did was more or less what you suggested, I'll look at just importing the folder, but what I did was create my 90 frames with no background in Photoshop.


                                          They were all sequentially numbered already so I only had to save them to a new folder, under the same name.


                                          Once done I imported all the files into PE.

                                          I had already set the duration for imported images to 1 frame.


                                          Then I dragged the files as a group to the timeline, and it worked.

                                          Now I can get on with my movie.


                                          Here's the test...


                                          http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/nohjekim/media/Render%20Time%20Tests/LucyLooksattheWestt itletest_zps428da273.mp4.html


                                          This one will be called "Lucy Looks at the West"


                                          I have what I think is a very funny story, about her grandfather vacationing in the US.


                                          I'll post a link when it's done in a couple of weeks.


                                          This one will have multiple camera shots and effects not just Lucy standing in one location, as most of the ones I've done up to now.


                                          I keep trying to learn something new every time I do a film. the trouble is that i'm 75 so by the time I do the next one I've forgotten what it was.


                                          Bill will probably remember when I spent days trying to make a ghostly knight appear and disappear in one of my earlier attempts.


                                          Thanks for the help guys.



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                                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                                            Looks good. Thanks for letting us know the good news.


                                            Congratulations on your success.



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                                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                                              Thanks for posting the link. Looks like you have that part handled well.


                                              Good luck,



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                                                Nohjekim Level 1



                                                Thanks again guys, thanks to you guys I have this beat.


                                                Here is a link to the completed main title, just the way I imagined it...


                                                http://s1238.photobucket.com/user/nohjekim/media/Render%20Time%20Tests/LucyOutWest05_zps7d e7a45f.mp4.html


                                                Now I can get to work on the film, which is of course not a serious as it looks.


                                                I wish you could see this in full HD, it really is clear and crisp and the transitions are smooth.


                                                I have a Vimeo account but it takes too long to upload temporary things like this, when the whole film is done I'll put it there.


                                                Thanks again.



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                                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                                  Very, very nice.


                                                  I smiled at those very subtle blinks of the OO is LOOKS.



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                                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                    Here is a link to the completed main title, just the way I imagined it...

                                                    Words that we love to hear.


                                                    Photobucket seems to be down at this moment, but I will check back, to see the Title segment.


                                                    Please keep us informed on Lucy's progress, and if you have posted the series, so far, somewhere, can you provide a link. I feel that she's been busy, since you were last by these parts with the Aspect Ratio issue. Would like to see more in the series.


                                                    Good luck,



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                                                      Nohjekim Level 1

                                                      Hi Guys.


                                                      Here is the completed video.

                                                      My main purpose other then for fun, was to explore using footage captured from Computer games and incorporating them into my videos with my character animations created in Poser Pro 2014.



                                                      I'm pretty happy with the way it worked and will now be scouting locations in games for new videos.


                                                      I just started using vimeo and all my new Lucy stuff will be uploaded to there.


                                                      Thanks again for the help.



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                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                        Great, and thank you for sharing. As always, fun!




                                                        • The Title, "Lucy Looks at Life" is a tad long. I would cut it back, just a bit, after the "blink." Loved that blink, btw.
                                                        • Prelude music is a bit loud, compared to Lucy's dialog to come. I found myself attenuating the music about -3dB, then raising the Volume, when Lucy spoke.
                                                        • After the "dolly shot," closing in on Lucy, in the first scene, there is a blade of grass, that still shows in the lower-center of the Frame, in front of Lucy. It is moving, and because it is lighter than Lucy, draws the eye to it. If that dolly shot could come in just a bit more, so that the grass has been effectively cropped from the Frame, the viewer will no longer see it moving.


                                                        Otherwise, I thought that it was spectacular, and highly enjoyable. The environment looked great, and Lucy's interaction, within the Frame was beautifully done.


                                                        I hope that you do not mind the little critique.


                                                        You should be proud of this production, like the ones before it. Your use of backgrounds/settings is great, and Lucy is as much fun, as ever. Well done.



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                                                          Nohjekim Level 1

                                                          Hi Bill


                                                          I agree with most of your comments, I feel the title could move along a little faster but I was fitting the action to the music.

                                                          I needed the Lucy script to start when the music speeded up and I need the Looks at Life to start when the music changed again so it's hard to just take some time out of it and have it end at the final part of the music, maybe I could just fade the music out at the end and let it end earlier.


                                                          I find a lot of the time that getting the music to hit the right spots is the hardest part of it, it the sounds reflect what's happening on the screen.


                                                          The Dolly shot is a lot harder then it looks, because Lucy isn't really in the scene but superimposed over it.


                                                          So when the camera moves forward, in the Skyrim shot, Lucy wouldn't move at all.


                                                          She would just stay the same size, so I need to move her toward the camera so that she appears to stay in the same place in relation to the ground and get larger, unfortunately this doesn't turn out to be a constant rate, so it takes a lot of fussing.


                                                          If you look at her feet during that shot you will see that she floats around a little on the ground, because of slight differences in camera angle, etc, between the game and Poser. I put in the grass to distract from that.


                                                          I kind of left the blades of grass showing to display the 3D aspect, and have something showing in the foreground, the grass was added in Poser and is not part of the original scene, so it doesn't really need to be there, it was just to make her look. in the scene, not in front of it, it doesn't need to move either, I did that.


                                                          I'll take a look at the music volume, that's easy to change.


                                                          I have nVidia 3D vision on my computer, and a 27" monitor.

                                                          I have messed around with creating stereo video with some success and one of these days I'll do a 3D Stereo Lucy movie.


                                                          Something that might be of interest to someone here, is that I figured out how to edit the stereo video in Premiere Elements.

                                                          You create the Left and Right Eye shots by moving the camera left or right, and generate the video for each eye, either with a real camera, or in a 3D creation program like Poser.


                                                          You can also capture stereo video from computer games.


                                                          To edit the video in PE, name the Left and Right Eye clips exactly the same and put them in two different folders labeled L and R, both inside the same folder.


                                                          Edit you movie in PE and do all of the effects etc using only the Right Eye clips.

                                                          Then save it as Right Eye whatever and output the video.


                                                          When the video is finished Change the name of the Right Eye folder to XR and change the name of the L folder to R.

                                                          When you open up PE, it will substitute all of the Right Eye clips for the Left Eye clips, incorporating all of the effects croping etc.


                                                          Now save the job again as Left Eye whatever and you have your left and right eye videos.

                                                          Run them through 3D movie maker and you have your stereo movie, or you can load both into nVidia 3D movie player and see your movie in Stereo.


                                                          Thanks again for the help,



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                                                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                            I had not considered "cutting" the Titles to your music. I went back, and you make a good point. Now I see.


                                                            For that grass, I wonder if perhaps a bit more (not just that one waving blade) could get what you want, with a foreground object to visually suggest depth. It was the single blade, moving side-to-side, that kept catching my eye, when I should have been looking at Lucy.


                                                            Another technique might be to keep that blade of grass in the dolly shot, and then, just as it reaches Lucy, it pulls down, out of the Frame. It will have done its job, up to the point that Lucy begins to speak?


                                                            I have never worked in 3D, so you are talking above my head there. However, I am glad to hear that you are getting a handle on that medium. With gaming, I have only seen 2D, but much of it well-done to create the "illusion" of 3D - some better than others. I need to pay more attention to 3D, as it seems to be here to stay, though perhaps not with TV feeds?


                                                            Thanks for the information, and great luck, and happy editing. Please keep sharing.



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                                                              Nohjekim Level 1

                                                              Hi Again


                                                              I did go back and cut the opening title a little, I took it off the end by fading the music out, and cutting to the next scene sooner.


                                                              I also cropped in a little closer, so the grass waves once and disapears, and I did cut the opening music volume, behind Remembrance down a little, and also the final sequence which was a little strong.


                                                              I recently moved up to Poser Pro 2014, and I have a new computer with a i7 3.6 Ghz processor, an nVidia 6900 video card and 32 Gigs of ram.

                                                              So I can now output full HD video from Poser, and edit it in PE in the same format.


                                                              This has made things easier, I always had a hard time figuring out what format to work in.

                                                              Now with a 16 by 9 monitor and everything done in 1920 by 1080 my old problems of working in a different format then I wanted to end up with are gone.


                                                              So as a result I'm going back and redoing the old videos in higher resolution formats, I can use textures at 4096 by 4096 pixels now, and process 2 or 3 thousand frames in 15 to 20 minutes.  This used to take hours.


                                                              When I started doing this I had to keep my finished videos under 10 Mb, which was pretty limiting.


                                                              Now I create a master video at the highest settings sometimes they approach 1 Gigabyte, when that's done I save it in the master video folder and if I need a smaller version I just load that and output what ever I need.


                                                              I do still have problems with PE keeping up, sometimes the video display really lags behind when I have a lot of parallel tracks running at the same time.


                                                              I've started doing a section of the video, outputting it as a high res. mpg, and then starting a new project file and importing it into that and continuing from there.


                                                              That seems to reduce the load and get things moving again, but it makes it hard to go back and make changes later.


                                                              Well thanks again for the help, I do have other questions about using PE and when I get organized I'll come back with some of those.


                                                              One of the things I have a problem with is the fact that if I insert something into track 3, everything in the other tracks moves too, when I only want to change the track I'm working on.


                                                              I can't seem to find a way to stop that from happening.



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                                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                One of the things I have a problem with is the fact that if I insert something into track 3, everything in the other tracks moves too, when I only want to change the track I'm working on.



                                                                One thing that you might explore, would be the modifier keys: Ctrl and Alt, when dragging. They alter the behavior of that new Clip. Holding down Ctrl, will Overlay, and should not affect anything on your Timeline.


                                                                Good luck, and I need to update, and revisit Poser. Mine is as old, as the hills!



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                                                                  Nohjekim Level 1

                                                                  Thanks I'll check that out, I suppose that I could read the instructions but what's the fun in that?



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                                                                    Markpic Level 1

                                                                    Yeah, I'm 60-yrs. old, just starting to find my memory loss.

                                                                    Uploading your camera to a PC?

                                                                    I always use The Windows[tm] Upload Tool.

                                                                    Been doing that since day one.

                                                                    Older camcorder's required a Firewire connection.

                                                                    The New stuff is hi-def and uses high speed USB.

                                                                    Always use the cable (USB) that came with the camera.

                                                                    (or the same manufacture)--I use the same Canon cable for 2-different Canon camera's.


                                                                    The other thing.

                                                                    I have learned to create my movies,

                                                                    not just dump stuff into the storyboard.

                                                                    I build the clips that eventually will fit a single movie clip.


                                                                    Message was edited by: Markpic

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                                                                      Nohjekim Level 1



                                                                      Wait until you get to be 75, I sometimes forget what I'm doing right in the middle of it. LOL


                                                                      I don't actually have a video camera, I create all most all of the video I do on the computer.

                                                                      I do have an iPad and I have shot some video with that, mostly stuff of my dogs etc.


                                                                      The iPad does shoot full 1080 HD video and has a built in stabilizer, but there is no zoom function.


                                                                      The results are pretty good, considering that it only a side function of the device.


                                                                      I move the video from the iPad to my computer through a USB port, it appears just like another hard drive when it's pluged into my computer.

                                                                      But you can only access photos and video in it.



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                                                                        Markpic Level 1

                                                                        Howdy Mike,

                                                                        Mark here from Connecticut.

                                                                        OK--the iPad is your capture device.

                                                                        (there are different types of capture devices)

                                                                        You need to use the File Thumbnail, (that is the small postage-like stamp in the video folder you use.)

                                                                        Right Click it, and look for the Detail's TAB.

                                                                        It should be in the Properties-TAB.

                                                                        You will find your video file/type and its dimensions--like audio file and frame.

                                                                        There should also be some meta-data also.


                                                                        If, you connect to a computer.

                                                                        You need to say PC or Apple/Mac


                                                                        Yes the iPad will be recognized as a device such as a HDD (folder)--its has a drive letter.

                                                                        I used a external capture card (in the past)--its recognized as a camcorder.


                                                                        So, your iPad is creating MP4 video.

                                                                        Windows[tm] Live Movie Maker-2012 might have issues with completing a project.

                                                                        This is why I made the switch to Adobe Premiere Element 10 + 11.

                                                                        I did a complete season of mute swans building a nest--and hatching the eggs.

                                                                        Live MM-2012 almost destroyed my project--(thank God, I keep back-ups and originals).


                                                                        Using Adobe Premiere Elements 10 is different than version 11.

                                                                        When using version 10--you need to begin your project by choosing the File Type that will be imported into the Project File-clipboard.

                                                                        You begin by choosing New Project when opening the software.

                                                                        Then you find the Project Settings--choice/

                                                                        Click--change setting--if you manage different types of files.

                                                                        OK--right now I have my version 10 open and I have a Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders.

                                                                        Full HD 1080i 30...seems perfect for the iPad...(does your iPad use a SSD?)

                                                                        This selection is just below FLIP.

                                                                        Adobe Premiere Elements 10--will also FIX--your mis-match on Project settings.

                                                                        (sometimes it might glitch)--but seldom.


                                                                        Hope that's a helpful one Mike--ask away anytime.

                                                                        I'm on YouTube...as Mark SM

                                                                        Have a great day.

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                                                                          Nohjekim Level 1



                                                                          Thanks for the information, I'll check it out.