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    Using Muse with Another Host (not Business Catalyst)

    gohopdrummer Community Member

      I plan to use Muse, but I would prefer to use a host other than Business Catalyst.

      1. Can this be done?
      2. How?
      3. Will you, Adobe, help me integrate Muse with another host, or is it the job of the host provider, or both, or will I be left alone to sort it out?
      4. Will I need to export my site only once, or will I have to keep doing it after every change? (Does it make a difference if I START my site on another host, as opposed to migrating from BC? I have not started building yet, but I am about to.)

      I hope that when I buy Muse, I will be well-supported regarless of what host I choose.

      Thank you.