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    Customize TOC for epub book




      I have a book file in ID CS6, containing ten chapters each one in its own document starting with Heading 1 style for "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2",  "Chapter 3" etc. It also contains some more documents for cover, copyright notes, acknowledgement, publisher's info etc (not formatted at all).


      Well, when I export it to epub and open it in Adobe Digital Editions a TOC is generated from the file names of all the documents.


      Is there a way to exclude the entries I don't want to be there?

      Furthermore, can I control the text of each entry? eg for the file "cr.indd", I want the text "Copyright notes" in TOC.


      Thank you

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Short answer to your question: You can control the navigational TOC by creating a TOC Style (Layout > Table of Contents Style) and including a paragraph style which you want which pulls the headings you want into the TOC.


          You then call out that TOC Style on the General panel of the EPUB Export dialog.


          It sounds like you need to get some basic information about creating EPUBs. Here are the two best sources I know:


          (1) The eBooks of Elizabeth Castro:




          (2) Anne-Marie Concepcion's videos on Lynda.com. She's produced videos on creating EPUB from InDesign CS5, 5.5 and 6. www.lynda.com. (If Bob Levine sees this, he'll add a week-long free link for Lynda.com.)