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    Why doesn't Grep Styles with pos lookbehind work?

    Karl Z



      I've posted another thread but I suppose I expected too much. I'll try to siplify this.


      I have text where I want to catch underlined text:

      Ponny, - Cob…….499,-

      125, - 135, - 145, - 155…….399,-

      140, - 150, - 160, - 170……..99,-

      140, - 150………99,-



      This paragraph grep style works for the above:      ^\w+,\s-\s



      However, when I want to use positive look-behind to just catch the " - " it stops working.


      I have tried the following (none of them catches anything at all):






      Is there a limitation as to what syntax I can use in the lookbehind?

      Pointers anyone?