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    premiere pro cc 7.0.1 problem " audio doesn't match video "


      i wanted to convert mkv video file to youtube mp4 format , as known premiere not support mkv files , so , i used mkvextractgui2 and mp4muxer , and so have mp4 file , then imported it into premiere pro cc 7.0.1 , the problem is that sound doesn't match video at all , the previously produced mp4 format with the help of mp4muxer has the same problem , and after produce the youtube mp4 format , the problem is the same ,  But when returned to premiere pro CS6 , and with the same problem in source mp4 video , acted well , and there is no problem with sound and video , neither during editing nor after production . So , my question is : What is the problem with premiere pro cc 7.0.1 ?      Another issue , is there any way to make adobe premiere pro support arabic writing from right to left ?  the product support arabic lettere but not writing > And thanks for any help >