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    osmf:use both embedded cuepoints and dynamic quepoints and using seek fails,is it possible at all?


      I am tryin to use OSMF to play 4 videos that are divided into scenes using Navigation Cuepoints embedded into the f4v files using Media Encoder.

      I also have a dynamic list of ActionScript cuepoints that is added for subtitling  ( subtitles are done by another company and can't be embedded in the f4v because more subtitles may be added later).


      When I just play a f4v file from the beginning everything works, but when I use seek tot start a different! video on a scene (so start seeking as the video canSeek) the embedded cuepoints never trigger the onCuePoint event.

      The weird thing is that normally the embedded_cuepoints seem to be copied to the DYNAMIC_CUEPOINTS_NAMESPACE !  When trace numMarkers on timeLineData in EMBEDDED_CUEPOINTS_NAMESPACE it only returns cuepoints that have been reached! however numMarkers on timeLineData in DYNAMIC_CUEPOINTS_NAMESPACE  returns the correct number of cuepoints.... but not when I use player.seek then teh DYNAMIC_CUEPOINTS_NAMESPACE return NULL

      (this all happens even without adding teh actionscript cuepoints)


      Can anyone shed some light?