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    Data Merge - Export PDF Spreads

    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I'm working on a fairly simple design, with complicated output.


      I'm designing a lanyard, and it's portrait.


      Page size is 71mm for first page, 74.5mm for 2nd page, 74.5mm for 3rd page.


      Naturally I used the Page Size tool to make the pages the size I wanted.



      When I put them in a spread they were the wrong orientation - and I didn't want to work in a rotated spread.


      I used the Page Tool to move all the pages underneath each other.


      They appear under each other in the main view, in the pages panel they appear side by side, not one on top of each other.




      I then wanted to add crop marks - but for some reasong the Spreads crop marks, i.e., the fold marks don't generate.


      I added them manually at 3mm - and added a bleed of 5mm (will go back and add a slug for the fold marks) but for now.



      Everything is kinda done - but I wanted to add a Data Merge.



      This is where things failed miserably -



      How can I make a Data Merge with Spreads for this layout?