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    Script to split threaded story but keep hyperlink destinations?


      I have a series of long CS6 documents in a book with stories running through many frames. These stories have many text anchors acting as hyperlink destinations within (and across) the files. 


      Each story needs to be split into separate frames.*


      The script SplitStory.jsx does exactly this, but in the process it breaks my hyperlinks to destinations anchored in the text of the story being split.


      The problem seems to be that a hyperlink destination does not "carry" the correct information when duplicated, and the script duplicates each frame before removing it.


      A manual solution

      I have found a manual way of producing the desired result:

      Unlink the last frame in the thread,

      Cut (not copy) the overmatter from the penultimate frame,

      Paste into what was the last frame (which is now a standalone frame).

      Repeat recursively until the entire story is reduced to standalone frames.


      This seems crying out for a scripting solution: it may even be relatively simple? But I cannot find anything suitable and my javascript is not good enough to write one from scratch.


      Could anyone offer any suggestions?



      * As an aside, I need to split the stories into separate frames so that all the text on a given page gets extracted to a text file together. Otherwise all the text in the main text thread gets extracted and then our software "mops up" display quotes, etc. This is not acceptable in my scenario.