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    Introducing HTML5 Extensions

    Hallgrimur Bjornsson Level 3

      When Creative Cloud was launched in June 2013, we added support for HTML5-based panels in several Adobe products. These new panels open up the world of panel development to a wider range of developers who may be more comfortable working with HTML/JavaScript and CSS. Since June, support for HTML5-based panels has been added to more Adobe products. As of now Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC and Prelude CC support HTML5-based panels.



      A preview of Adobe Extension Builder 3, a new developer tool that supports creating HTML5-based extensions, was launched in June at Adobe Labs. You can download it for free from here: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/extensionbuilder3/



      Starting in the middle of 2014 we will begin removing Flash-based extension support in Creative Cloud products, starting with Photoshop CC. We encourage all developers to start planning and migrating to the new extensibility framework based on HTML5.



      HTML5-based panels allow developers to leverage the rich ecosystem of existing JavaScript frameworks and tools when creating their panels. HTML5-based panels share the same technology with web applications, which opens up exciting opportunities for integration with web services.



      Check out these videos to see how to build and debug HTML5 Extensions.



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          szerner Level 1



          does it mean, my own flash based extension, developed over the last weeks to months, which just hit the market, will be obsolete from mid 2014 on? Does it mean, the customers of my extension will not be able to use it after their Photoshop CC has been updated by the clouds update mechanisms in mid 2014? Will there be some sort of "compatibility layer" after that "official removement of Flash based Extension support? Why do you have to completely remove the support for flash based extensions in favor of HTML5 based ones? Will your cloud customers be informed or even warned, that they will not be able to use their Flash based extensions any more?


          Me as a developer need definitly more informations about that and your plans.


          Thank you.

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            Hallgrimur Bjornsson Level 3



            Thanks for your post.


            After Flash based extension support is removed, users will be unable to run Flash based extensions in the Product. This means that the Flash extension will have to be migrated to HTML5.


            There are no plans for a compatibility layer. Currently, Photoshop CC can run HTML5 and Flash extensions side by side. But starting in the middle of 2014, that will start to change, as noted in the original post.


            The effort required to migrate Flash extensions to HTML5 extension varies on a case by case basis. There are a lot of free resources for JavaScript developers available on the web that can help. In addition, you can check out the FlexJS project (part of Apache Flex project) which may help in migrating your extension.


            We will be adding samples and tutorials in the coming days and weeks and will do our best to support developers to migrate their extensions.


            Best regards,


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              Zetta Level 1

              Does this include flash based custom XMP "File Info" panels?  Will they still be supported for CC  ?

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                Max Dunn Level 1

                Hi Hallgrimur,


                What it actually means is that we'll have to have separate versions of the CS Extension for CS6/earlier versions (which many users will continue with forever, if possible), and CC. And this will happen far sooner than we were led to believe it would.


                That is a problem, unless Adobe plans to make HTML CS Extensions backward compatible to CS5. You've said nothing about that so far, but it's critically important to CS Extension developers in the real world.




                Ole [not Max Dunn, in spite of the login error]

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                  d3mac123 Level 1

                  Currently I design my panel interface in Flex Builder (not Extension Builder). Will I be able to use Flex Builder or the Extension Builder will be mandatory for development. Also, like Max has asked, are you planning any backwards compatibility? Otherwise it will be really hard to keep "old users" compatible with the changes...

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                    Hallgrimur Bjornsson Level 3

                    Hi everyone,


                    There are no plans to add HTML5 extensions support in CS6 or earlier versions of Adobe software.


                    That means that if you have extensions that must support CC, CS6 and earlier versions of Adobe software, you will have to maintain two versions of it, one using Flash/Flex, and the other using HTML5.


                    Best regards,


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                      And what about PlugPlug API technology? will you support it in the future? I mean will be possible use HTML5 UI along with the c++ core?

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                        Hallgrimur Bjornsson Level 3

                        Yes. In fact it is possible right now but will improve over time.

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                          C.Oldendorf Level 1

                          You do realize that the goals and interests of Adobe and those of the developer community are somewhat diametrical. Adobe wants to sell its latest products or recently to get people to sign up for creative cloud. The developer community wants to offer their products to a broad audience. That is we do care to support at least a couple of software versions into the past. Supporting only CC would really narrow our group of potential customers especially with the group existing that despise of the "software as a service" route of recent days. Now adding new features to PS CC is great, please keep doing that. HTML5 panels seem like an interesting idea, too.


                          But removing features from PS CC is a bad idea! In that you do two things. You force developers to develop two panel versions – one Flex based for CS4 through CS6 and one HTML5 based for the future PS CC. By removing support for the flash based panels you have been propagating for the last years you bring your customers into a predicament, too. They can’t use stuff they bought and that uses panels. They will not necessarily get free upgrades to any such products nor will such updates even necessarily be available. In the old perpetual license world that would have been no problem. You could keep you PS CSx (where “x” is any version) installed paralelly and be happy with it.

                          Today - if you don’t also own CSx - can you keep multiple versions of PS CC installed? I think not. Therefore removing functionality from PS CC that once was in PS CC is a really bad idea in my opinion. Especially since the Flash stuff is Adobe’s own technology it seems kind of nonsensical to kill its support.

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                            d3mac123 Level 1

                            Amem to that C.Oldendorf (although I think it will not change anything from Adobe's perspective )

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                              Hitz_M Level 1

                              Any specify date when Flash support will be removed from Illustrator CC?

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                                Dear Developer Colleagues ,


                                i think the Change is the best for Photoshop.

                                Flash Panels are totally inflexible and extreme Slow.

                                Iam a Developer on C++ and Delphi since 20 Years and hadn't liked Scripting in the Past.

                                I think the Idea to integrate Webservices,Hybrid Applications and so many much more you don't know at this Time is really Cool.

                                HTML5 is really nice and much better as the old HTML Standard

                                The Migration from Configurator is easy.

                                Some things are a little bit different,you need in your Photoshop.jsx the "," as end of a function looks like this example.

                                Take the Time to understand the Technology and you have really much fun with extensionbuilder3.

                                Iam no Scripting freak but i like the Concept.


                                $._ext_PHXS={ // from the  generated Project its really easy to call they from the index.HTML and ext.JS

                                If you need functions or global Variables add they before "$._ext_PHXS={" begins.Wheter its goes to add they after that i don't know,i think its much more readable by working Structured :-)




                                run : function





                                at the end is  "};" needed




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                                  Flash Panels are totally inflexible and extreme Slow?

                                  HTML5 is really nice and much better?




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                                    dirkmswt Level 1

                                    Oh Yes :-)

                                    If you worked with Brackets and Nodes you can do all you want.

                                    You can Use Nodes to make Filters in the Addons or other nice things

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                                      jth42 Level 1

                                      What about C-Extensions (AEGP in the case of After Effects) and jsx/ScriptUI?


                                      Are those in danger of becoming deprecated as well? It would be nice to have some estimates.

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                                        thx1138 Level 1

                                        "Upgrade to Adobe CC where all your existing plugins will no longer work!!!"


                                        Someone said that Flash / Flex plugins are slow? Wait until you use JS versions. You know you are supposed to export release builds not debug builds right?


                                        Adobe, please add support for Flash / Flex panels back in. You have gone absolutely crazy with your HTML5 mantra. Flash and Flex is great technology and you are only switching to HTML because it's popular at the moment. It's not better.


                                        Hallgrimur, try your best to add support back in for Flash and Flex extensions. If you have trouble with managers tell them to f*** off and quit messing around with everyone's hard work.

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                                          mlavie Level 1

                                          thx1138, I couldn't have put it better myself.


                                          Out current CS6 system works fast in ActionScript, but after I translated it to JavaScript in advance of ActionScript soon no longer being supported, it started running insufferably slow! HELP!



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                                            charanseeram Level 1



                                            i was reusing  my flex based web-application components to develop plugin for in-design (except spark components).


                                            Now we started developing web-application with html5 , so i also want to re-use code in indesign plugin where ever possible .


                                            But, here we planned to build web-application using java script frame works like...AngularJs or EmberJs .


                                            Question is:  Can we expect any possibility or support in reusing those web based code while building plugins , does plugin html5 client side frameworks are supported in developing indesign using Extension builder 3 ?


                                            Thanks in advance ,