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    Presenter, Cornerstone LMS, Firefox, SCORM tracking fail


      Presenter 7.07

      SCORM settings included in image:


      And for search engine purposes:

      SCORM 1.2

      No Mastery Score (passing grade of questions not a requirement for status of Complete) Mastery score is not checked

      Report slide views only

      Slide View Completion 80%

      Report status as defined by report data


      The LMS is Cornerstone


      In Internet Explorer:

      The course bookmarks (I am returned to the last-viewed screen)

      Previous progress is saved in IE (I view my first 40% of screens in session 1 and exit.  I view the second 40% of screens in session 2 and exit and get a status of Complete)


      In Firefox:

      Bookmarking fails, no matter what screen I exit from I am returned to screen 2 on launch

      Previous progress is not saved (see above for definition)

      I can get a status of Complete but the only way I can get a status of Complete is if I meet the criteria in a single session


      Thanks for reading, I would greatly appreciate questions and advice on solving this.