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    AE not reading all the XMP data from DNG files

    Capt D

      I'm working on a very large time-lapse for a construction company - I have a sunset that is broken between two folders and rendering the folders seperately makes Quicktime unhappy during playback and I get an ugly jump in sunset exposure.


      So I combined the two folders in Lightroom (LR) from my RAW files (NEF) and exported the entire sequence as DNG files with simpler numbering. The sequence is about 1560 files and constitutes about 22 GB of data. I created a new LR library from the DNG sequence to make sure it all looked good and it does.


      I imported the same DNG sequence into AE, checked a few frames in the preview and sent it out to render. Two thirds of the way through the QT movie, exported in H.264 at 30 fps, I start seeing problems. Huge sections look like the XMP data has not been read, then there's a good section and then bad again. I matched the movie time to preview in AE and indeed saw the same problems in the AE preview. So the problem begain in AE's reading the files from the folder, not in rendering.


      I went back to LR for file comparison. There was no problem in LR. All the DNGs look great.


      I'm on a MacBookPro Retina with 2.8 GHz Intel processor, 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Ram and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB graphics


      I have the standard 69GB cache on an external drive and have 11GB RAM available for AE.


      Installed CPUs =8

      CPUs reserved for other apps = 2

      RAM allocation per background CPU = 1GB

      Actual CPUs that will be used = 6


      I have the latest AE from the Adobe Cloud, although I haven't done the most recent update yet.


      My thought was to break the folder up into smaller segments for rendering, but that's not the problem. I see the XMP hasn't been consistantly read in preview. To me it doesn't make sense that the folder is too large for preview because it's not even rendering it there, just reading the files...?


      Any insight, solutions?