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    OMF export doubles up the tracks!  Help!??



      (FCP user trying to move to PP.)


      Can't work this one out...

      I'm exporting an OMF with seperate audio for audio post, however when I bring it into Pro Tools I now have double the amount of tracks!


      I'm working on Mac Pro, Mountain Lion, Premiere Pro CC.

      I've set up preferences/audio/default audio tracks to all be mono (as recomended by Walter Biscardi).

      I'm editing a piece which has come from various sources but I've converted all video files to ProRes 720p50 48hz 24bit, and all audio to 48hz 24bit.

      On the time line are 2 tracks of video (so that 4 mono audio tracks), 2 music tracks (another 4 mono tracks aiff), and audio from an 8 channel field recorder (another 8 tracks Bwav), and a track of sfx (2 mono).  Total 18 tracks.  Duration 1hr 30min.

      It exports OK as OMF- 4800, 24, Separate audio, AIFF, Trim audio files, 50.

      When I open the OMF in ProTools or Audition for each track it brings in 2.....  so for example one clip of music is comprised of 2 mono tracks in PP, one panned lft the other right, creating stereo.  These tracks are labled A1 and A2.  However post OMF it now has 4 tracks, 2 left and 2 right.  These are now labled Audio 1 L, Audio 1 R, Audio 2 L, and Audio 2 R.

      It is creating the correct number of actual audio files, it is the timeline which references each clip twice.


      I have repeated this with a single clip of video, and 2 mono audio tracks, one camera mic, the other a boom mic.  In Pro Tools I get 4 tracks.  Each repeated twice, will in the audio folder are only 2 audio clips.


      Any suggestions as to how I can fix this please!!!