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    Motion Tracking Question

    MattDZ Level 1

      Hey Everyone,


      Instead of recreating a similar animation in Cinema 4D or the like, I was wondering if anyone had a fairly simple solution to adding textures/icons to an existing animation I found on vimeo...




      What would you guys recommend the simplest solution would be to adding texture "tiles" to each face of these cubes? I looked into trying the 3D camera tracker in AE, but it simply doesn't track the motion well enough or returns "analysis solve failed." after analysis.


      I'm fully aware that I could add a tile to each cube face manually and keyframe everything with a camera or null object, but I'm wondering if anyone is aware of something far less tedious. Even paying for a plugin is an option if you happen to know of something that exists. I currently have both AE CS6 and CC installed.


      Thanks in advance,