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    Link at path level

      Hi Guys,

      I need a link in CHM. Linking needs to be like this:

      Link Name: Hello
      Link File: Hello.txt

      When I copy CHM to different folder, and user clicks on the link "Hello", it should open up the "Hello.txt" file present in the same directory, where CHM is present.

      Help will be appreciated.


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Ruziyo. All you need to do is link to the hello.txt file and add it to your baggage files. That way it is included in the compile and does not need to be shipped with the CHM. That is unless the hello.txt file is a "live" file that is being contantly updated. In that case you'd be best to locate the file at a URL and link to that.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi Ruziyo and Colum

            While Colum's suggestion is valid, meaning that you may include a text file among your baggage files and open it from there, I suspect you also want to save things in this file for later recall, no? You won't be able to do that using the baggage method, because the .TXT file is simply sitting in a place where updates cannot occur. This is like burning to a CD.

            What you can do, however, is to insert a HTML Help Shortcut control and program the control to start Windows Notepad and look for the .TXT file. If you take this approach, you don't even need to ship a .TXT file. If your goal is to create a link for a place for your user to store notes, this will do it. If the file doesn't exist, Notepad will assume that name and will create the file on the fly.

            Hopefully this helps... Rick
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              Ruziyo Level 1
              Yes,,HTML Help Shortcut Control solved my problem.
              Kudos, Thanks for the help.