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    cflayout horizontal width / tabs differ between apps, same server

    cf_code_warrior Level 1

      Yes, I know cflayout is the worst but I am trying to use it nonetheless.

      It's working fine (providing I realise its limits) ... on two web sites on one piece of hardware (server).  We have our own servers.

      We're trying to add a 3rd virtual host. 

      So we can production, preview and r and d.  Our production server is working fine ... as is our r and d server.

      So, on the exact same box, I made a copy of the folders that run production. 

      Same db source, same files, same CF server; same everything, except different folder.

      Same paths.

      When I run the preview site, the site itself work perfectly until it comes time to display a cflayout.

      Tabs do not show.

      Tab content does show, one underneath the other.  But where the real site show with a width of say 800, I barely get 200.

      No errors.

      I can only assume that maybe something in IIS is not mapped correctly?

      Happy to share screen shots by PM.

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          BigDadi Level 1

          Any progress with this?  I'm experiencing a similar issue where cflayout works under one virtual server on iPlanet, but fails when I place the code into a difference virtual server.  Same server, same code.  One works, the other displays all of the tabbed out underneath each other. 

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            coder1957** Level 1

            Hello, this is code_warrior. 

            Had to create new account ... got locked out of this ridiculous server.


            To answer your question ... I gave up.


            You're experiencing the same issue.  Maybe it's a permissions problem.  Maybe not.  Who the *** knows.  As each day closes I h4te Adobe more and more and their now virtually useless CF.


            I thought about burning a support call but then I realized how many hours it would take just to get through to them ... and doubt they would have an answer ...


            I spent hours looking for a clue and gave up.  All the application, session vars, everything is the same.  Sign in as same user on same box, just different dir.


            And on a completely different server (box) running CF 8 it does the same thing.  ANd it was this oddity that made us buy 10 in the first place. 


            On my development machines ... on one box it works fine, on another same issue. 


            And I should thank you for even replying!  I recall 5 years ago, people actually read these posts and replied.  Today it it SO rare.


            Cheers, R