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    Photoshop CC trial crashing

    toonycards1 Level 1

      Thought as my CS6 keeps hanging and crashing while using a tablet, I would download the trial of photoshop CC. However same old problems, I get disk error, or program error or memory error...same problems that I had with CS6 using a tablet. It runs for 5-10 minutes then the pressure sense on the tablet pen goes and I can't save the file, or it will just crash or say disk error, or the instruction at 0x315532 referenced memory at 0000005e the memory could not be read.

      The tablet works fine in other programs and I've installed lates drivers for tablet and graphics card. Just a pain now as I have to keep constantly restarting.


      System specs

      win 7 64 bit home premium sp1

      core 2 quad

      8.00 gb ram

      Graphics card Asus EAH6670


      Hanvon GraphicsPal GP0605