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    Smart rendering for DNxHD quicktimes not working in Premiere Pro CC

    simonpeterarnold Level 1

      Hi if I understand things correcty PPCC should be able to smart render DNxHD codec in a quicktime wrapper back . If so this does not appear to be working. I am noticing small differences if I pull in a DNxHD quickitme clip in to Premiere and just render straight back out again no effects just cuts as DNxHD Quicktime. My sequence is set up to be the same as the codec. Although I do notice that trying to set the exact settings for the quicktime codec is not easy as it resets back to the defaults of DNxHD 220 59.94i so maybe this has something to do with it and their is no option to choose the MXF setting for my medi a as Adobe have neglected to make a DNxHD115 preset.


      If you look on the YC waveform you can see the changes occuring when you compare the two side by side. This however does not happen if you render out as Opt1a MXF as it does appear to smart render and when ingested back in you see no difference with the source DNxHD clip. I also notice that when you choose the Opt1a option it has an extra check box for smart rendering.


      Anyone noticed this. It all works perfectly for ProRes quickitmes so just wondering why its not working for DNxHD quicktimes.