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    Folder directory maps to tree control?

      How can I maps folder directory to tree control? Is it even possible? For example:

      I want the tree to show all files and folders under "C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents". Possible?
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          dietmar.paulus Level 1
          The Flashplayer Sandbox does not allow you to get information of you file system directly, but there are severel ways to solve the problem.

          1.) you can use webservices which you communicate with (the webservice can give you the information and then you have to handle the webservice result)

          2.) you can use coldfusion

          3.) You can load a file form your system (with Urlrequest, or httpservice) which represents your folder you want to display.

          e.g.: you have a xml-file with all the required information, then you parse through the xml-file, the disadvantage is, that you always have to update you xml-file manually or with a script