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    Open an Exported File directly in Photoshop (after exported file created)

      var doc = app.activeDocument;
       var destFolder = Folder ("~/Documents");
      if (destFolder) {
           var fileName = activeDocument.name;
          var destFile = new File(destFolder + '/' + fileName);    
          var psdExportOptions = new ExportOptionsPhotoshop();
          // Set PSD export options 
          psdExportOptions.saveMultipleArtboards = true;
          psdExportOptions.artboardRange = "1";
          psdExportOptions.antiAliasing = false; 
          psdExportOptions.resolution = 300; 
          psdExportOptions.embedICCProfile = false;
          psdExportOptions.writeLayers = false; 
          psdExportOptions.imageColorSpace = ImageColorSpace.CMYK;
          doc.exportFile (destFile, ExportType.PHOTOSHOP, psdExportOptions);


      This code I created exports my current Ai document as a PSD with set options. It also names the new file what it is called in Ai.

      How can I call the created file and open it directly in Photoshop? Keep in mind I would be working on multiple files, so file names would change every time I ran this Export Script.

      I could call a specifically named file and open that, but that's not what I need this script to do. I just need it to open the newly created PSD file. Any help would be greatly apreciated!!!