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    Reinstalling program from Creative Cloud if they stop working


      I have Windows 8 on my pc.  I had previously installed the Creative Cloud app.  I had also installed Premiere Pro, Muse, and Lightroom.  Some sort of a problem happened with my system.  Perhaps I accidentally turned off the computer before the hard drive had completed all of its tasks, or something like that.


      Programs I had installed from discs seem to work.  But, all of the Windows apps that were downloaded from the cloud stopped working.  I was able to fix that by downloading them again. Windows seems to be working okay now.  Also, Lightroom downloaded from the cloud works.  Premiere Pro and Muse don't work.  I suppose the best approach is to reinstall them, but I don't seem to be able to do that with the Creative Cloud app.  Do I need to first uninstall them through the Windows Control Panel?  I'm a little concerned about doing that because there isn't a way to deactivate them, since I can't get into the programs.  what do you suggest?


      Thanks for your help.