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    Photoshop CS3 Extended upgrade to CS5?


      Tried asking the online chat to answer this simple question . . .  the person really didn't understand what I was asking.

      So here it goes, the complex question of —


      Will a regular CS5 upgrade work for a CS3 Photoshop Extended version or not?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          And where did you buy that CS5 upgrade? Under what prerequisites? What language? What system? The chat representative did not know these thinsg and neither do we. Unless the CS5 has been expressly sold with a "CS3 or up on this system and that language" *blahblahblah* attached to it, it may never work... A US upgrade for instance will not work on a European version and vice versa due to serial numbers not ligning up... Such is the nature of the thing. There are no easy answers.



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            nikkifox Level 1


            It was purchased from a big box store the US (years ago) and has a sticker on it saying "Only for distribution in North America."


            It is for use in America, and so is my SC3 Extended version currently installed on my computer.


            Both versions are for the Mac OS.


            The system requirements are not of importance since my computer meets them all. The upgrade box says nothing about "CS3 or up."


            The only mention of an upgrade on the entire box is on the side stating — "UPGRADE from an relier version. To install this upgrade version, you must have an eligible earlier version of this product. Before opening this package, check with your reseller about its return policy and your upgrade eligibility, or visit www.adobe.com/go/upgradeinfo for eligibility information."


            So, here I am, trying a webpage that doesn't exist anymore and trying to find answers here . . . . .


            Will this normal, regular, run-of-the-mill CS5 Photoshop upgrade work on a CS3 Extended version?


            Is Photoshop CS3 Extended an "eligible earlier version of this product" for the CS5 upgrade?

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              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Yes, CS3 meets the "three versions back" upgrade rule. After you input the serial, and it detects that it's an upgrade type, it will ask you to select the product you are grading from and its' serial number. After it accepts that, all you need to do is activate over the internet.


              There's also the chance that if CS3 is installed it may detect it and you should not have to do more than input the CS5 s/n.